Application of Big Data in the furniture and home furnishings sector, for monitoring and analysing the opinions of user about hotels


Experimental development of a technological solution for monitoring and analysing comments and opinions on social networks about the equipment and interior design in hotels. This tool will improve the efficiency of marketing and commercial processes in companies manufacturing furniture and other interior design products for hotels.

The tool developed will monitor comments on specialized social networks using Big Data technology, and analyze them according to lexical and semantic criteria that are specific to the sector by means of a process of training/learning.

Period carried out: 10/2017 to 03/2018

Results that can be trasferred to companies

Detection of business and marketing opportunities and demand forecasts as a result of analyzing the comments and preferences of hotel users.

These are examples of the information that the tool will provide for the lists of hotels in a geographical area and/or category in which customers think that:

  1. guests sleep poorly and the mattresses need to be changed,
  2. they have problems with insulation and need to improve their acoustic comfort (doors, windows, walls, etc.),
  3. the decoration is substandard,
  4. the lighting is inadequate,
    1. they need to improve accessibility, etc.


MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY, ENERGY AND TOURISM, via the support to Innovative Business Groupings (Agrupaciones Empresariales Innovadoras - AEI)