AMBIT: Interior furnishings and hotel contract cluster and innovation hub

The AMBIT cluster is the environment in which habitat and contract professionals and companies share concerns and work together to develop activities and projects. 

Over 150 companies are members of the cluster, and they represent the entire value chain: from producers of raw and semi-finished materials, to manufacturers of various habitat products (furniture, floor and wall tiles, lighting, home textiles, home automation, etc.) and wholesale and retail distributors. Furthermore, our ecosystem includes knowledge providers, such as technology-based companies, universities and technology centers. 

In order to help companies prepare for change, we develop activities such as market intelligence, innovation and training projects. We make it easy for professionals to meet and work together in learning environments, such as conferences and workshops, and in spaces designed for sharing, such as our meet&share. We organize over 100 activities a year:

We are the organizers of interihotel, the benchmark event in contract hospitality in Europe, with editions in Barcelona and Madrid in which over 4,000 professionals participate. Our hicontract platform features the largest selection of content in Spanish developed to inspire hotel interior design: studies, projects, brands and products. We manage two of our own showrooms - WEcontract BCN in Barcelona and docontract MAD in Madrid - collaborative projects in which partnering companies participate. 

We work on innovation in the areas of digitization, circular economy and shared value. We lead numerous innovation projects, with the participation of companies and with public funding from the EC, State and Autonomous Communities.  We analyze the skills that company technicians need, and we prepare specialized content. The interiors living lab allows us to understand how the users of a space value interior design products. Our trendsCLUB is a benchmark in the analysis of habitat trends and allows us to anticipate changes on the horizon.

We are a non-profit organization founded in 2006. The cluster management body is composed of member companies, with 15 technicians who work in distinct areas. Our headquarters are located in La Sénia (Tarragona) and we have offices/showrooms in Barcelona and Madrid.

If you represent a company and wish to participate in our activities, discover how you can become a member at:

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