Dual learning for Improving Digital Skills of Young Woodworkers


The purpose of the WOODIGITAL project is to improve the digital skills - Industry 4.0 - of young Europeans (ages 18 to 35) working in the wood and furniture sector, through dual vocational training.

Dual vocational training combines learning activities carried out in both the training center and on the job. In other words, it is a work-based learning modality.

WOODIGITAL will first identify the digital skills and competencies needed by young people actively working in the wood and furniture sector. A curriculum will then be designed in order to meet these needs, a training course will be developed (in 5 languages), and, finally, this course will be implemented over an open and free online platform. The course will be validated through a pilot training course for 75 young people, 25 of whom will participate in a 10 day dual training stay in Italy.


Implementation period: 01/10/2020 - 30/09/2022

Resultados transferibles a las empresas

  • Information relating to the knowledge, skills and competencies that workers need in order to be prepared for and contribute to the digital transformation of the company.
  • Training material and e-learning platform for the Industry 4.0 training of company personnel.
  • Participation in the pilot training course and/or in the 10-day dual training stay in Italy.


Erasmus+ France / Education & Training Agency - Ref. KA202-EF727B19