New intelligent systems for the adaptive, flexible change of habitat equipment in coworking and creativity spaces


The office and workplace equipment industry is investing more and more in new product solutions that feature a greater number of reconfigurable options and technology embedded in the product to support versatility. As a result, the objective is an interior design solution that allows for a greater number of ad-hoc transformations.

The LIQUID project will employ artificial intelligence and neuroscience principles in order to objectively and empirically assess the impact of creativity and coworking space interior design on changes in user perception, emotion and behavior. The aim is to provide support for decisions regarding the adaptation of these spaces according to production needs, while paying careful attention at all times to the physical and emotional well-being of the user.


Results transferable to companies

The results of the project will be applied to the digitization and improvement of processes within the value chain of the design and equipping of coworking and creativity spaces. This will specifically benefit:

  • Manufacturers of habitat products, thanks to the testing of product variants in order to improve the design process and better adapt products to contexts that demand greater versatility from the space and equipment.
  • Managers and promoters of coworking spaces. Management of the operating processes of those spaces will improve, thanks to an interior design featuring a dynamic customization with greater analytical capacity.
  • Interior design studios or architects (specifiers) hired to design the space, thanks to the availability of empirical knowledge relating to the efficiency of various products, configurations and interior design creativity.



Innovative Business Groups Program (AEI) of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism: AEI-010500-2021b-130