Industrial research into the development of new applications of artificial intelligence and neuroscience for the adaptive design of evidence-based habitat products


Currently, there is a growing demand to customize the use of habitat products. In particular, greater attention is being paid to the specific uses and contexts in which these products are going to be used by customers and users with the purpose of customizing their experience - in advance and to the maximum - while ensuring their functionality and comfort.

In this context, the research carried out by the EVIDENCE project will make novel use - for the sector - of artificial intelligence and neuroscience principles in order to establish precisely how perception, emotional response and user behavior relate to the design attributes of a habitat product and to the physical-environmental aspects of the real environment in which the product is installed or located.

In this way, EVIDENCE will promote the generation of new knowledge regarding the use of new intelligent systems that allow one to identify and objectively measure the daily or spontaneous interactions of users with the products, later converting this new data source into a specific set of design parameters for the manufacturer.


Results transferable to companies

The results of the project will be applied to the digitization and improvement of processes within the value chain of the manufacture, design, distribution and installation of products in the habitat sector, specifically:

  • Habitat product designers, manufacturers and distributors, facilitating a transition from a deterministic or static product design (traditional orientation) to an adaptive and dynamic product design, more customized, which, furthermore, allows for a continuous relationship between customers/end users and the product manufacturer, distributor and influencer well after the product has been sold.
  • Habitat product influencers (such as interior design studios or architects), facilitating access to more customized products and to new empirical data relating to the performance of a product and its influence on the composition of the space. This will allow said influencers to reinforce their layer of differential value in the projects they manage.
  • Project promoters or space managers, facilitating their decision-making in the final acquisition of habitat products providing the end user with a higher Quality of Experience and more in line with the general experience intended for the space.



Innovative Business Groups Program (AEI) of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism: AEI-010500-2021-158