Experimental platform for the co-creation and experience of new contract leisure spaces through multi-user virtual reality systems


The leisure industry is one of the sectors that in recent years has advanced the most in proposing multi-channel experiences in order to achieve more customized entertainment experiences for its customers. Additionally, the recent pandemic has made it necessary to update and add new design principles in this specific environment. These new principles now require and will require - post-pandemic - an adaptation of physical leisure spaces that takes into account new attributes, such as the multi-functionality of the space or the enhancement of the perception of hygiene, safety and the well-being of the client. Therefore, in order to remain competitive, the leisure space must assimilate this type of intervention by way of new contract projects.

One of the main results of the ContractVR project will be the co-creation of a conceptual space (or Concept Room) that allows a response, from an interior design point of view, to emerging consumer needs and to the habits of families who use leisure spaces. This conceptual space will serve as a laboratory of ideas for the managers of these types of spaces in the near and distant future. Furthermore, it will serve as a specific instrument to structure an open process for the exploration, reflection and design of new interior design experience challenges and opportunities.

In a way that is novel for the contract-hospitality sector, the validation of the Concept Room developed by the project will be carried out in a real-time, multi-user, holo-communications environment. This technology, developed by the i2CAT Foundation, will make it possible to virtually validate and experience the conceptual space developed by ContractVR, within a context closer to the reality of the final space.

Results transferable to companies

The results of the project will be applied to the digitization, process improvement and increased competitiveness - within the value chain - of the design and equipping of contract spaces in the leisure industry, and will be aimed specifically at:

  • Manufacturers of equipment for contract spaces, promoting their capacity for innovation in the design and manufacture of products for contract spaces intended for leisure and empowering their role in every phase of the interior design process for the space.

  • Interior design studios or architects in charge of renovating the space, shifting from the unidirectional and periodic presentation of 3D representations towards a continuous and co-creative design experience.

  • Managers and promoters of leisure spaces, minimizing risks and reducing costs, thanks to a better understanding of the expected performance of the equipment to be used in the space.

  • Clients or end users of the space, by way of new mechanisms that allow for the remote evaluation of the quality of the experience, in addition to allowing for a more direct and precise way of introducing any necessary modifications.


Innovative Business Groups Program (AEI) of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism: AEI-010500-2021-180.