New affective computing systems and spaces in the metaverse for the analysis of the PHYGItal experience in product habitat showrooms - PHYGITAT Phase 2.


The PHYGITAT project was initiated in 2022 with the main goal of pioneering research in the habitat sector, focusing on the use of affective computing technologies to automate the analysis of the phygital or multi-channel experience in interior design product showrooms.

This second phase of the project aims to enhance the realism of simulated environments and the cognitive immersion of visitors through the holographic technology investigated in the first phase.

Furthermore, the project's extension will focus on research in the use of state-of-the-art communication systems to facilitate the deployment of complex applications in the metaverse with low latency. This line of work addresses the scalability challenge faced by the PHYGITAT solution in processing the co-presence and interaction of a larger number of concurrent holographic visitors in these new immersive virtual spaces. Additionally, it aims to extend compatibility with general access systems, such as access to these experiences through webcams.

Transferable results to companies

As during the first phase of the project, the results of PHYGITAT2 will primarily be applied to the digitization and improvement of processes in the value chain of design, prescription, and marketing of products in habitat sector showrooms, specifically:

  • Designers, manufacturers, and distributors of habitat products, enabling them to visualize and experience the capabilities of their products in a hybrid manner alongside other project stakeholders in a context closer to the reality of the final space.

  • Managers of habitat product showroom spaces, offering prescribers and end customers much more personal, co-creative, and memorable experiences in all moments, channels, and stages of product habitat purchase.

  • Product prescribers (architects and interior design firms), creating more immersive and persuasive product prescription experiences with formats that are more appealing to their clients, providing a higher sense of presence, immediacy, and interactivity. This will allow them to increase the impact of their designs by better aligning with the demands of end customers and the technical capabilities of product habitat manufacturers and suppliers.


Innovative Business Cluster Program (AEI) of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism: AEI-010500-2023-327.