Advanced computer vision and deep learning applications for the automatic cataloging of product information and the normalization of taxonomies on e-commerce platforms in the HABITAT sector.


In the habitat industries, there are few domestic suppliers who have a properly structured digital catalog in a format suitable for integration into the most common e-commerce platforms and digital marketplaces. The few companies that do have digitized catalogs often follow their own criteria (and, therefore, have a strong subjective component) for both product categorization and attribute descriptions, which necessitates manual data entry and increases costs significantly.

In this context, the DeepHABITAT project aims to dramatically increase productivity in the cataloging processes of habitat sector companies by introducing artificial intelligence. With this purpose, the project will explore the use of computer vision technologies, such as automatic object detection and color extraction, in combination with new natural language processing (NLP) methods to automatically extract relevant information from these companies' product catalogs, which are available in both physical and digital formats.


Transferable results to companies

The results will be applied to the digitalization and process improvement in the value chain of the habitat sector, particularly in the online marketing of their products, including:

  • Sector-specific and general e-commerce platforms and digital marketplaces, automatically integrating existing product catalogs in various formats, significantly increasing the number of available references and their updates.

  • Manufacturers of habitat products (suppliers for these digital platforms), providing them with greater visibility and online presence while drastically reducing the costs and time associated with manual entry of product references.

  • Architects and interior designers (space designers), facilitating their access to a wider range of products and reducing the time spent on product selection in the preparation of their proposals and designs.

  • Owners of habitat spaces, both collective and individual, obtaining more precise and enriched search results and receiving more personalized product recommendations based on their needs and preferences.



Innovative Business Cluster Program (AEI) of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism: AEI-010500-2023-326.