Monitoring of assembly systems in non-serial production environments of the habitat industry for the optimization of algorithmic planning models.


The PLANIA 2.0 project is a continuation of the PLANIA project and aims to optimize a planning and control system for non-serial production processes focused on the habitat industry. Specifically, it focuses on monitoring the assembly and order preparation environment to optimize and enhance the reliability of the algorithmic models generated for production planning. During the execution of PLANIA 2.0, interconnectivity systems capable of monitoring the assembly and order preparation stages through wearable devices, more suitable for the tasks performed in these areas, will be developed.

The project will enable the traceability of production records through wearable technologies for the monitoring of manual tasks, which will later serve as input for artificial intelligence algorithms capable of generating efficient production planning in the furniture manufacturing environment. The expansion of traceability records through the monitoring of assembly and order preparation tasks will also allow the optimization of organizational flow between different processes to minimize waste and enhance operational performance.


Transferable results to companies

The results of the PLANIA 2.0 project will be applied to the digitalization and process improvement in the value chain in the production of habitat equipment:

  • Furniture manufacturers will have interconnectivity systems for assembly monitoring, benefiting from a system designed to improve production workflows.
  • Technology integrators will be able to make the necessary technological leap for the integration of wearable technology in a relatively unexplored environment, such as production control for non-serial manufacturing systems.
  • The distribution network will be able to increase the level of product traceability through control systems in the intralogistics of the industry.
  • Manufacturers of specific wood machinery will be able to determine the degree of integration in sensory technology and embedded connectivity systems required to facilitate adequate access and exploitation of production information.



Innovative Business Clusters Program (AEI) of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism: AEI-010500-2023-407.