Digitization of the rotogravure printing process


The project will allow the LAMIGRAF company to implement the digitalization of the current analogical laboratory for the melamine paper printing process through a rotogravure printing process.

This process digitization will lead to significant economic savings, environmental improvements and lead time reduction, while increasing the product offer.

Implementation period: 26/04/2019 - 30/11/2022

Results useful for companies

  • AMBIT's contributions to the project focus on:
  • Definition of user requirements for the final product: melamine paper printed with the project innovations.
  • Validation of the result against professionals in the design, manufacturing, interior design and distribution value chain through an innovative methodology and equipment that facilitates the analysis of the perception of qualitative parameters in this product.
  • Transfer of the user perception validation technology to other decorative materials/products.


RIS3CAT Community for the smart specialization of the fashion and home interiors industries in Catalonia (Ref. COMRDI18-1-0005).