Development of an IOT solution for the home furnishings industries in Catalonia


The objective is the development and demonstration of an integral solution for the application of Internet of Things (IoT) in new smart products within the home furnishings sector.

The project includes the development of solutions by 3 technological centres for sensorics, signal transmission and data processing as integral parts of an IoT platform. Moreover, 3 manufacturing companies will develop prototypes of new products incorporating IoT and that will be integrated into the new platform.

AMBIT is responsible for the definition of requirements to be fulfilled by the platform, it supports the manufacturers in the new prototypes co-creation, and to validate them by simulating real use conditions.

The developed IoT solution will be designed to facilitate the inclusion of new products from other home furnishings companies in the platform, reducing the time-to-market and the costs for development and customization.

Implementation period: 01/11/2019 - 30/04/2022

Results useful for companies

  • Prototype of IoT sensors nodes system with integrated intelligence to detect indoor environment quality.
  • Prototype of a gateway to interconnect smart products and the home furnishings IoT platform.
  • β version of the open home furnishings IoT platform, which can be customised and further developed.
  • Demonstration showroom with manufacturers’ smart products integrated in the IoT home furnishings solutions.


RIS3CAT Community for the smart specialization of the fashion and home furnishings industries in Catalonia (Ref. COMRDI18-1-0006).